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Frequently Asked Questions

The state of Florida no longer tracks reported hours and has asked providers to stop reporting hours to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Engineers are now expected to save their certificates of completion. If you are audited, you provide them with copies of your certificates of completion.

No, Florida only requires that you attest that you have completed the necessary continuing education course work before your renew your license. You should keep records in the event that you are audited.

As an approved sponsor, is required to maintain your course activity records for a specific period of time in the States of Florida and North Carolina. However, you are ultimately responsible for tracking and maintaining all your course activity records for the remaining states. To aid you in record keeping, saves your certificates for your convenience under the "Courses Taken" tab in the "My Account"  area.

In addition, it is the policy of to maintain your records for a 10-year period which exceeds the requirements of any State Licensing Board. will use your personal information internally as follows: 

  • to generate and submit your “Certificate of Completion” online each time you pass a course quiz.
  • to provide your state engineering licensing board with pertinent information (as required by certain states).
  • to notify you periodically of new courses or specific course discounts being offered (optional).

As a proof of completing your course, will provide you with a “Certificate of Completion”.

This certificate is available at any time simply by clicking "My Account - Courses Taken".

Your browser is probably set to NOT print background images. Simply click "file", then click on "page setup". Then check the box for "print background images". Your certificate should now print the signature correctly.

Alternatively click on the "PDF Version" to create a PDF file of your certificate of completion which can then be saved to your computer. This version of the certificate will always print out the signature.

Currently there are not any states that require reporting. About two years ago FBPE requested that providers stop reporting PDH hours for Florida licensed engineers. So we are no longer reporting.

Make sure to save pdf copies of your certificates of completion to your computer so that you can simply email them in the event that you are audited by a state you are licensed in.p>

The only time you need to submit your “Certificate of Completion” to your State Licensing Board is when: 

  • You are required to do so as part of the license renewal process or
  • You are being audited
  • The state of Florida has discontinued reporting of hours to the state. The only course that needs to be reported is the "Advanced Florida Building Code" course. To report that course email your certificate of completion to
                will only share your personal information with select third parties for the fulfillment of the following services:

  • to process your payment with PayPal our secure payment processing affiliate.
  • to provide your state engineering licensing board with pertinent information (as required by certain states).
  • Your information will not be sold or shared with another party unless legally required to do so. respects your privacy and will not disclose your information to any other party without your prior consent.