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Taking an Online Course

Do I submit the “Certificate of Completion” to my State Licensing Board?

The only time you need to submit your “Certificate of Completion” to your State Licensing Board is when: 

  • You are required to do so as part of the license renewal process or
  • You are being audited
  • The state of Florida has discontinued reporting of hours to the state. The only course that needs to be reported is the "Advanced Florida Building Code" course. To report that course email your certificate of completion to

How to take a course?

  1. Create New Account: Register with our website by clicking on the "Create new account" link (found in the lower left hand corner) or log into your account if you already have one. Note: You can pay for the courses either before or after you complete the quizes.

  2. Download Course Materials: Navigate to the course description page of your choosing. On the right hand side of each course description page is a download button that you can use to download the course materials to your computer. Read the course materials.

  3. Take Quiz: Log into your account. Then click on the quiz button on the right hand side of the course description page to take the quiz. Take the quiz as many times as necessary in order to pass with a 70% or better. You may start the quiz, stop, and then return to the quiz at a later time to finish.

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