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State Approvals

In over 30 states, engineers are required to complete continuing education courses in order to maintain their license. To see our approval letters click on the red seal to the right.

Our Pre-Approved Provider Numbers

Florida (#004849)
Florida (#004849)
North Carolina (S-0594)
Louisiana (#0000284)
Indiana (Approved Organization per IC 25-1-4-0.2)
Maryland (Approved by Letter)
New Jersey (#24GP00026700)

States that Pre-Approve Providers

There are four states that require pre-approval of course providers to accept their continuing education courses. These states are: New York, Florida, Maryland and North Carolina. We are a pre-approved provider for the state of Florida (# 0004849), North Carolina (# S-0594), and Maryland. If you are licensed in New York you may view the course materials; however, please be aware that at the moment these courses will not count towards your PDH requirements. The State of Indiana has recongnized us as an approved organization. Thus all of our courses are accepted by the state of Indiana.

There are also states that pre-approve providers but do not require it such as Lousiana.

Other States

PDHLibrary courses will be accepted for PDH credit by all the state boards that don't pre-approve course providers. You are are backed up by our Money Back Guarantee, if for some reason your state denies a course you have taken with us, we will issue a refund and work with the state to gain approval for the course.

The state boards typically accept a PDH activity that meets the following criteria:

"A course or activity whose purpose and objective are clear with a content that will maintain, improve or expand the skills and knowledge of the licensee’s field of practice." Additionally, many states require that the course consist of "technical, ethical or managerial content relevant to the practice of engineering."

Limits on Online PDHs

Correspondence, distance learning and internet courses are accepted by all the states that require continuing education activities provided that the course meets the Board's requirements and provided that completion of the course can be independently verified. Most states have no restrictions on the number of PDHs that can be earned each renewal period through online continuing education. However, three states have placed limits on how many internet based PDH's are allowed.

These states have limits as follows:

Iowa - up to 10 online PDH’s for self study courses.
Illinois - up to 10 online PDH’s for Structural Engineers only
New York - up to 18 online PDH’s of “Educational Activities”

Record Keeping

The state boards consider completion of a course to be independently verified if you must take and pass a quiz to successfully complete the course, the quiz is graded and the results are kept on file by the course provider for a prescribed length of time. The number of years results are kept on file varies by State. In addition to providing you with a certificate at time of course completion, we keep records for 10 yrs. which or exceeds the requirements of all states requiring continuing education. It is generally the engineer's responsibility to maintain records of continuing education activities and to submit the records to the board upon request.

You can check your state's continuing education requirements by clicking on "State Requirements" on the left navigation bar.

States that Require Reporting

Currently there isn't any state that has a reporting requirement. The state of Florida used to require reporting, however they have requested that all Florida approved providers discontinue the practice.

For the State of Florida and all other states you are ultimately responsible for maintaining and submitting all records of your course activities required by your State Licensing Board. We have made it easy to track your online PDH activity with us by making all of your records available to you online. All of your courses taken as well as your "Certificate of Completion" are available under "My Account/Courses Taken". When viewing your certificate of completion you can click on the "PDF Version" link which will allow you to save your certificate of completion onto you computer as a pdf file.