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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To get started, you need to send the following information to
    • Short biography and an updated resume
    • Short description of your proposed courses
    • Estimated number of hours required to review the course and complete the quiz
  • We will review your information and advise you with the results. Once approved, we will ask you to proceed with course preparation. 

     To qualify as a course provider, you need to have related work experience along with one of the following credentials:

    • Professional Engineering License
    • MS or PhD from an accredited four-year university 

    You will earn 50% of the course purchase price minus transaction charges each time your course is purchased if the course materials are original and exclusively posted on our website. If the course contents are not original to the author then the percentage earned is reduced to 40%.

    If your course is posted on numerous other websites (non-exclusive) you will earn 35% and 25% respectively depending on the originality of the content.

    No. You do not incur any costs by providing a course to We bear all the following costs: 


    • Course review and web customization
    • Course state approval administration
    • Course publishing, marketing and promotion

    By logging into your account with PDH Library you will be able to view and track your sales anytime.