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Steel Roof Deck Diaphragms on Cold-Formed Steel Framing

Thomas Sputo, Ph.D., P.E., S.E., SECB
Course #0007188_3028_8928
PDH: 2 hrs
Price: $16.00

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the design of steel roof deck diaphragms on cold-formed steel trusses or rafters. You will be introduced to general design criteria for strength and stiffness of these diaphragms, along with how the design of diaphragms on cold-formed framing differs from support on heavier support framing. Design equations and strength tables are provided, along with design examples that illustrate design for wind and seismic applications. This course has diaphragm load tables you will not find in the "Steel Deck Diaphragm Design Manual".

Learning Objectives

• Learn about the differences between diaphragms supported by cold-formed framing.
• Learn the contribution of the support framing to diaphragm strength and stiffness.
• Learn how to calculate the strength and stiffness of steel deck roof diaphragms supported on cold-formed framing.
• Learn the how to apply combined in-plane shear and uplift for steel roof deck diaphragms.