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Ponds: Planning, Design, and Construction

United States Department of Agriculture
Course #0008267_3745_9028
PDH: 8 hrs
Price: $60.00

The demand for water has increased tremendously in recent years, and ponds are one of the most reliable and economical sources of water. Ponds are now serving a variety of purposes, including water for livestock and for irrigation, fish production, field and orchard spraying, fire protection, energy conservation, wildlife habitat, recreation, erosion control, and land- scape improvement.

This course describes embankment and excavated ponds and outlines the requirements for building each. The information comes from the field experience and observation of land users, engineers, conservationists, and other specialists.

You will learn:

How ponds are beneficial (functionally and aesthetically)
How to select pond types depending on the intended use and location
How to investigate different locations to meet the pond location criteria
How to design and calculate dimensions of ponds per the owners request and intended use or uses