Land Treatment Systems Operation and Maintenance

Author: U.S. Army Engineers
Course #: 0002985

PDH : 3 hrs

Price: $30.00

This course presents general guidance for the preparation of site-specific operation and maintenance manuals for the basic land treatment systems used to treat wastewaters. There are three basic systems that differ in the rate at which water is applied and in the flow path of that water after application. The systems we will discuss are as follows: Slow rate: This type of system is similar to conventional agricultural irrigation practice. Wastewater is applied to an area covered by vegetation. The vegetation is an essential component in the system and the applied wastewater is treated as it trickles down through the soil and the root zone of the crop.
Overland flow: In this type of system, wastewater is applied at the top of gently sloping grassed fields. Rapid infiltration: This type of system uses flooding of open basins in sandy soils.