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Inspection, Evaluation And Repair Of Hydraulic Steel Structures Part 1

U.S. Army Engineers
Course #0003023_145_6898
PDH: 4 hrs
Price: $40.00

This course describes the inspection, evaluation, and repair of hydraulic steel structures, including preinspection identification of critical locations (such as fracture critical members and various connections) that require close examination. Nondestructive testing techniques that may be used during periodic inspections or detailed structural inspections are discussed. Guidance is provided on material testing to determine the chemistry, strength, ductility, hardness, and toughness of the base and weld metal. Analyses methods that can be used to determine structure safety, safe inspection intervals, and expected remaining life of the structure with given operational demands are presented. Finally, considerations for various types of repair are discussed.

We will be covering Army Corps of Engineers document "Inspection, Evaluation And Repair Of Hydraulic Steel Structures" Causes of Structural Deterioration and Periodic Inspection from chapter 1-3.