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Radon Resistant Construction

John Southard, M.S., P.E.
Course #0008099_3438_9132
PDH: 8 hrs
Price: $80.00

Course Description

This is a continuing education course on building radon-resistant homes and buildings. The course provides an introduction to radon and how it emits from soils and accumulates in homes as a dangerous and deadly gas. From the understanding of how important radon resistance is, this course gives a detailed description on the implementation of different types of radon-resistant systems, how they differ, and what system to use where. This course also gives detailed instructions for installing radon-resistant systems in slab-on-grade or basement foundations, crawlspaces, and combination foundations.

This course is intended for structural, mechanical, and civil engineers who are through their design might contribute to the mitigation of radon and interior building air quality.

Questions this course will answer:

• Does it make sense to build radon-resistant homes?
• What is radon?
• How does radon enter a house?
• Is radon a problem in homes?
• Is there a safe level of radon?
• How do air pressure and foundation type affect radon entry?
• What can you do to reduce radon in new and preexisting homes?