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An Introduction to Conservation Design (Part I)

John Southard, P.E.
Course #0007329_3143_7450
PDH: 4 hrs
Price: $40.00

Course Description

The primary aim of this course is to assist communities and engineers in creating regulations conducive to conservation design. Conservation design is a density neutral design system that takes into account the natural landscape and ecology of a development site and facilitates development while maintaining the most valuable natural features and functions of the site. Conservation design focuses on the grouping of building sites thereby allowing for the preservation of green corridors, valuable natural resources, and the avoidance of ecologically sensitive areas. Conservation design typically results in projects that are better for the environment, as well as providing additional economic and quality of life benefits. For these reasons conservation design is gaining popularity.

The intent of this document is to provide practical alternatives to conventional zoning, subdivision, weed-control, and other development-related ordinances. In many cases, conventional ordinances conflict with the goals of conservation design. With thoughtful revision, most existing ordinances can be modified and updated to not only allow, but encourage residential, commercial, and mixed-use development that is sensitive to both the natural ecology of the development site and economic needs of the community, land owner, and developer. Several practices outlined here apply most directly to residential subdivision design. However, conservation design is by no means limited to residential subdivisions. The principles apply to the design and construction of any type of development, and should be applied as widely as possible.

Part I of the course covers pages one through forty. There is a 20 question quiz at the end that may be worked through as you take the course. Then you can fill out the quiz online when you are ready to complete the course.

Specifics Learning Objectives

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:
• The student will learn what conservation design is
• Understand the benefits of conservation design
• Learn ways conservation design can be implemented through local plans and ordinances
• Learn the common principles & practices of conservation design