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Ethics Issues in Design-Build

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PDH: 2 hrs
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NOTICE: This course cannot be used to satisfy Florida's 1 hour ethics requirement. Please take our 2023 Ethics for Florida Engineers course if you need to satisfy that requirement.

Course Description

The widespread growth of “design-build” presents ethical issues for engineers and architects. If these issues are not addressed it is likely public reaction to abuses the process invites will result in the loss of design-build as a construction delivery process. The dilemma for the engineer or architect posed by the conflict between the owner’s and general contractor’s interests in the design-build process is discussed, as are the ethical issues that arise when subjective criteria are used to award design-build contracts. This online pdh continuing education course offers steps that can be taken by individual engineers and engineering societies to resolve these ethical issues while retaining design-build as a construction delivery option. This course is intended for engineers and architects employed by public agencies and private companies as well as those who are self-employed. It will also be valuable for construction professionals who are concerned with the long-term health of their industry.

Course Outline

1. Introduction

2. What is Design Build?

3. Construction Delivery and Construction Procurement Processes

4. Subjective and Objective Criteria for Construction Procurement

5. Ethical Issues

6. Resolving the Ethical Issues

7. The Road Forward

Learning Objectives

• Learn the elements of design-build.

• Learn the difference between a construction delivery and a construction procurement process.

• Learn to distinguish subjective criteria for award of design-build contracts from objective criteria.

• Learn the fundamental elements of a construction delivery process.

• Learn the fundamental elements of a construction procurement process.

• Learn how “best value” and “point systems” can be inappropriately manipulated.

• Learn the two serious ethical issues engineers are faced with in design-build.

• Learn the steps individual engineers and engineering societies can take to rationalize these ethical issues.

• Learn what the engineer needs to do to protect himself when interest of the owner and general contractor conflict.

• Learn the importance of integrity in public agency and private company procurement.