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Standard Practice for Shotcrete Pt 1

John Southard, P.E.
Course #0003049_162_9009
PDH: 4 hrs
Price: $40.00

This continuing education PDH course provides information and guidance on the selection, proportioning, and application of shotcrete. It is intended for use by engineers and technical staff tasked with the planning, design, contract preparation, and construction management phases of a shotcrete project. A quality assurance chapter is included which details necessary technical activities during the construction phase. Subjects discussed include shotcrete and applications, materials, equipment and crew, pre-construction testing and evaluation, placement, quality control, and quality assurance. This manual does not provide guidelines for structural analysis of shotcrete applications.

We will be covering Army Corps of Engineers document "Standard Practice for Shotcrete" chapters 1-4. In these chapters we will be discussing Types of Shotcrete and Applications, Materials, Proportioning, and Properties, and Equipment and Crew.2