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Gravity Dam Design Pt 1

U.S. Army Engineers
Course #0003018
PDH: 2 hrs
Price: $20.00

The purpose of this continuing education course is to provide technical criteria and guidance for the planning and design of concrete gravity dams for civil works projects. This courses covers general design considerations for gravity dam design based on Army Corps of Engineers manual EM 1110-2-2200 chapters 1-2. Specific areas covered include design considerations, load conditions, stability requirements, methods of stress analysis, seismic analysis guidance, and miscellaneous structural features. Information is provided on the evaluation of existing structures and methods for improving stability. This course presents analysis and design guidance for concrete gravity dams. Conventional concrete and roller compacted concrete (RCC) are both addressed. Curved gravity dams designed for arch action and other types of concrete gravity dams are not covered in this manual. For structures consisting of a section of concrete gravity dam within an embankment dam, the concrete section will be designed in accordance with this manual. The procedures in this manual cover only dams on rock foundations.