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AISC 360-10 Standard – Erection and Fabrication

Thomas Sputo, Ph.D., P.E., S.E., SECB
Course #0007534_3176_10094
PDH: 1 hrs
Price: $10.00

Course Description

The current 2010 AISC “Specification for Structural Steel Buildings” (AISC 360-10) is the controlling design standard for structural steel, as referenced in the 2012 International Building Code. This standard replaces the AISC 360-05 Standard.

Chapter M of the Standard deals with Fabrication and Erection requirements. An understanding of these requirements is essential for any structural engineer who designs using this Standard. As part of this course, you will be required to read Chapter M “Fabrication and Erection”, both the Standard and the Commentary.

Specific Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this online pdh course, the student will be familiar with
• Fabrication and erection requirements for structural steel as contained in AISC 360-10
• The background for these requirements as described in the Commentary to AISC 360-10.

The standard is found in Chapter M on pages 16.1-165 through 16.1-169 and the Commentary is found on pages 16.1-445 through 16.1-449.

The standard is available in the 14th Edition AISC steel construction Manual, or as a free PDH download from the AISC website at: