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A Guide to Inspecting Concrete and Masonry Dams

D. Allen Hughes, P.E.
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PDH: 6 hrs
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Course Description

This course introduces the basic principles of concrete and masonry dam inspection. It is estimated that there are about 80,000 dams in the US, many of which are reaching the end of their expected useful lives. With the inventory of aging dams, maintenance and inspection become more critical. At the same time, the useful life of a many newer dams may be extended by regular maintenance of deficiencies which are discovered during routine inspections.

The content of this course is a workbook titled “Inspection of Concrete and Masonry Dams” and a supplemental video, both published by FEMA. Engineers, dam owners, dam safety officials and maintenance contractors will gain an understanding from this course of the areas to be inspected on concrete and masonry dams according to FEMA recommended practices. Additionally, this course could be useful as a guide for training to conduct an inspection on a concrete or masonry dam.

If you are new to dam safety inspection, the material presented in this course will provide important background information. The discussion of the inspection process is designed to provide the inspector with guidance for conducting a comprehensive inspection of a dam embankment.

If you have experience with concrete and masonry dams, this course will provide a brief refresher on key terminology used in FEMA dam inspections. Since terminology can differ from agency to agency, you may find it helpful to review this section to become familiar with how terms will be used in this module.

This course includes a quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of the course materials.

D. Allen Hughes, PE

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end and is intended to provide 9 hours of professional development.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will have learned or been exposed to the following:

1. Concrete Dam Characteristics
2. Types of Concrete Dams
3. Masonry Dams
4. Concrete and Masonry Construction
5. Concrete Dam Joints, Interior Features, and Water Conveyance Structures
6. Dam Inspection Techniques
7. Documenting and Reporting
8. Deficiency Sighting Techniques
9. Inspecting Dam Interior
10. Inspecting Upstream and Downstream of Dam
11. Inspecting for Deficiencies
12. Characteristics of Dam Cracks
13. Types of Cracks (Structural, Shrinkage, D-Cracking)
14. Crack Surveying
15. Concrete Deterioration
16. Causes of Deterioration
17. Surface Mapping
18. Inspecting for Deterioration
19. Surface Defects
20. Impact Damage
21. Inspecting for Surface Defects
22. Displacement
23. Misalignment
24. Differential Movement
25. Leakage and Seepage
26. Maintenance Concerns
27. Debris and Undesirable Vegetation
28. Previous Repairs
29. Environmental Conditions