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America's Greatest Projects Vol. VIII - The Apollo Project Part 2

Dominic P. Perrotta, P.E.
Course #2022005
PDH: 4 hrs
Price: $40.00

Course Description:

This engineering online PDH course describes the engineering and design efforts necessary to provide the equipment and the technology to prepare our astronauts to leave the Earth's gravitational field for lengthy periods of time, and to explore well beyond the Earth. It includes a short review of the events and equipment that led to the first mission to orbit the Moon (Apollo 8). It then chronicles the further missions (starting with Apollo 9) and achievements of those American men and women who worked on the Apollo Project, and solved the major hurdles between placing a man in space and placing a man on the Moon and assuring his safe return.

This course is a continuation of the synopsis in Part 1, which described the magnificent efforts of the many talented personnel in American management and the engineering and construction industries, as well as the many American astronauts who risked their very lives in order to make Kennedy’s words a reality. It describes one of the many Twentieth Century projects in which engineers overcame major technological challenges and were on the forefront of engineering innovation.

This 4 PDH online course is intended for engineers, architects, project managers and other professionals of all disciplines interested in understanding the project management strategies applied as well as the leadership skills and techniques used to overcome the major technological challenges encountered during the implementation of the Apollo Project.

Learning Objectives:

This PE continuing education course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

• Understanding why NASA chose the process for the lunar landing
• Knowing which changes and upgrades had to be developed for the Saturn V and the Command Service Module
• Learning how the late decisions by NASA affected the Lunar Module developed and the Apollo program
• Understanding the progress of the Apollo program as it launches pre-lunar landing missions
• Learning about the objectives and highlights of each Apollo mission as the United States makes history
• Understanding of the near-fatal tragedy of Apollo 13
• Learning how the last four Apollo lunar landing missions became almost routine