2017 Advanced Florida Building Code - Significant Code Changes

Author: BCIC, LLC
Course #: 856.0

PDH : 1 hrs

Price: $5.00

NOTICE: This course may be taken to fulfill the 1 hour Advanced Florida Building Code course requirement for engineers who practice engineering that is related to building design or systems. This course covers the most significant changes in the 2017 Florida Building Code and may be taken by engineers of any discipline. THE FLORIDA DEADLINE to complete this course is DECEMBER 31ST, 2018.

Course Description:

This course presents the significant code changes from the 2014 Florida Building Code to the 2017 Florida Building Code. The course highlights the differences and includes base code changes in the 2015 International Building Codes and the Florida specific changes.

Specific Course Learning Objectives:

This course will provide engineers, design professionals, and building code professionals with practical information on changes to the 2017 Florida Building Code. Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the changes made to the 2017 Florida Building Code including but not limited to the requirements of occupancies, height and area, fire protection, fire protection systems, means of egress and wood construction, and elevators.

Course Category:

Advanced Building Code Module

Code Edition:

2017 Florida Building Code

Method of Evaluation:

Participants will complete a 10 question quiz to determine if they have understood and retained the information presented.