Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures Part 2

Author: John Southard, P.E.
Course #: 0003016

PDH : 6 hrs

Price: $60.00

This course provides guidance on evaluating the condition of the concrete in a structure, relating the condition of the concrete to the underlying cause or causes of that condition, selecting an appropriate repair material and method for any deficiency found, and using the selected materials and methods to repair or rehabilitate the structure. Guidance is also included on maintenance of concrete and on preparation of concrete investigation reports for repair and rehabilitation projects. Considerations for certain specialized types of rehabilitation projects are also given.

We will be covering Army Corps of Engineers document "Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures" Materials and Methods for Repair and Rehabilitation from chapter four through six.

Chapter four - Planning and Design of Concrete Repair
Chapter five - Concrete Removal and Preparation for Repair
Chapter six - Materials and Methods for Repair and Rehabilitation

Chapter six covers various repair techniques such as additional reinforcement, autogenous healing, crack arrest techniques, drilling and plugging, fiber-reinforced concrete, flexible sealing, chemical grouting, jacketing, slabjacking, stitching, and many other repair types.